Is it possible to get left-handed golf clubs?

It is possible to get left-handed golf clubs, but it's not very easy. Golf manufacturers and golf retailers are businesses, so they are there to serve markets. The left-handed golf club market is small, for the simple reason that there are not many left-handed golfers. About 15% of the people in the world are left-handed when they write and eat, yet the percentage of left-handed golfers is a lot lower than that.

This is for the following reasons: Firstly, it seems natural for left handers to play right-handed. This is due to the fact that when playing right-handed, you will be leading with your left side, with your left side and turning yourself anti-clockwise. For some strange reason right-handers do not work the other way round but that's all part of life's rich tapestry.

The second reason why there are not so many left-handers is that it is so difficult to obtain left-handed golf clubs. As we said before the, golfing industry responds to its market, but in some ways it can be said that the golfing industry has shaped the market. Because there weren't many left-handed clubs on the market a lot of people for whom it would be more natural to be left-handed had to make do with what was available to buy.

An additional issue is that many of the instruction materials and instruction techniques themselves concentrate on right-handed play. It is very difficult to go out on the practice ground with an instruction manual and have to constantly change round what the books say. So people learned right-handed as it seemed to be the "correct" way to go about golf and now have to continue as they get older.

Another interesting thought is that many of the most famous left-handed golfers are actually right handed in almost everything else. Golf is about your eyes as well as your hands. Mike Weir, who was Masters Champion in 2003, and Phil Mickelson, who was Masters Champion in 2004, are both naturally right handed.

So how do you know what you are. Well, it's not that simple, but you basically need to put a golf ball down on the ground and try to visualise it leaving the ground under the propulsion of your swing. One side of the ball will seem the most effective place to stand, and that is where you should stand.

There is a World Association of Left-Handed Golfers provides a lot of support for left-handers, and even has a World Championship held every year.

Perhaps the "daddy" of all left-handers though was Bob Charles, from New Zealand , who won the British Open in 1963. The "Mummy"? Well, we still haven't seen any left-handed lefty lady pros, so we don't have a mummy yet.

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