Can I buy specialist lady golf clubs?

It seems to be a fact of life that many ladies are taking up golf when they get married or perhaps later in life. It would be great if more girls were taking up the game at a young age, in particular because they when you are young it is easier to learn new things. But until that is the case, the choice of golf club is particularly important. Getting the right golf club could be the difference between someone taking up golf for a lifetime and someone abandoning the game before they really get going. Since ladies are taking up the game later in their life, it is less easy for them to learn the new skill.

If you play golf or have ever tried to play golf you will know there is a point at which you get hooked onto golf, and this is normally when you start hitting the ball in the air consistently. Before that you are kind of in a golfing "no-person's land" in that if you find you can't get the ball in the air you are likely to become increasingly frustrated. The aim is to shorten this time in golfing limbo by getting the right equipment. This is why there are golf clubs made especially for ladies. Look at them as an investment, not an expense.

In recent years the choice of clubs made for ladies has expanded dramatically. So you need to get more information on what to look for when buying clubs specific for ladies. Maybe you want to look at those which are lighter, or have a design which makes them more controllable, or perhaps you want to concentrate on length differences.

Ladies woods are made lighter so that they are able to generate faster swing speeds, enabling them to get more distance. But due to the difference in heights in ladies there are woods of different lengths. You should ask about this, because clubs that are made for women of 5'2" should not be used by those people who are 5'8". If a club does not have information on what size it is best for, then assume that it is for ladies who are 5'5" up to about 5'9".

Irons for ladies need to be easy to control whilst also being super-light. Utility woods are also more likely to be in a lady's golf club than with men, you have 7 and 9 woods which can easily replace 3 and 4 irons. The reason for this is that woods are designed to glide over the ground, so it's easier to get good contact with them. In addition, clubhead speed is easier to generate with the longer clubs.

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