What are the different types of Golf Clubs?

This section of the site looks at the different types of golf club that you can buy on the market. Essentially, a golf club is a combination of three things - the grip, the shaft, and the head. Grips tend to be reasonably similar across the range of clubs, so do shafts, which are long and straight and made of steel or maybe a carbon based compound, but the heads are different. We look at woods, irons, wedges and putters.

We don't just look at the equipment straight up, we also look at the different types of people who use them. The simple groups for this are right-handed golfers, left-handed golfers, lady golfers and junior golfers, and we talk about some issues connected with getting the right types of golf clubs for the ladies and the juniors as well as the issues for left-handed and right-handed golfers. In particular, how do you know which one you are.

The woods are the clubs which hit the ball the longest way. They can be divided into three distinct groups. There are the drivers - otherwise called the one woods, then the fairway woods, which are sometimes used off the tee but also from the fairway, particularly on par 5s, and then there are the utility woods, which are essentially a replacement for irons and tend to number from 7 wood up to about 13.

The iron clubs tend to be used for shots of 200 yards and below, down to about 100 yards. Some very good players can use a 1 iron or a 2 iron, but in general you would own the irons numbered from 3-9. There are two types of manufacturing processes for irons - one being forged and one being cast. Forged produce a softer feel but are harder to hit, and cast irons can be perimeter weighted to be more forgiving.

Wedges are sometimes included in irons but in fact get a page of their own because a lot of players now own up to 3 or 4 wedges. Pitching wedges are used mainly for shorter approach shots to the green whilst sand wedges, as their name suggests are used for shots from the bunker. Lob wedges are very useful when there is an obstacle to clear and a soft landing required with little roll.

There are many different types of putters, from blade putters to heel and toe perimeter weighted putters to mallet headed putters to short putters and long putters. All that can be said is that putters are such a "feel" club that you would be well advised to have two or three and see which one you feel most comfortable with on the practice green on any given day.

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