What are the Components of a golf club?

Golf clubs don't grow on trees as you well know. In fact they are made up of three main component parts - there is first the grip, which you use to hold the club, then there is the head, which is what you hit the ball with, and then there is the shaft, which is the link between the grip and the head. Getting all three of these right is very important for your golf, because if one of them is wrong then you may find it almost impossible to play the golf shots that you want.

There are a variety of variables that you are dealing with when it comes to the grip. First there is the material that the grip is made out of. This can be rubber or it can be a synthetic material. Rubber grips are not very durable and can easily become rather shiny and slippery, but they do tend to perform better when you are playing the rain. Synthetic grips are more durable but do not perform as well in the rain. The other variable is the size of the grip, and you need to be very careful to make sure this is right for your hands.

The shaft of the club can be made of different materials and also can differ in terms of flexibility. In the very old days shafts used to be made of hickory, which is a sort of wood. This made them very whippy and difficult to control. Then they were made of steel, which is a lot more durable obviously but also easier to control. Nowadays you can get shafts made of all kinds of metals and carbon composites such as boron, graphite, titanium. The other thing you need to think about is the flex of the shaft. For people with slow swings, the best flex is regular, so that you can generate club head speed with the flexibility of the club. For those with fast swings its better to have a stiff shaft so that the club head doesn't get to the ball before the hands.

The shape of the club head depends on the club that you are holding. If you are holding a wood then it is a globular shape with straight face. If you are holding an iron then it will be a flatter shape with an angled face, and the putter can be all shapes and sizes but all of them have a straight face. The heads can be made out of steel but there are also heads made out of titanium and graphite.

Finally we look at the head covers which can protect the heads of your golf clubs. These are worth investing in for obvious reasons.

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