What are Dunlop Golf Clubs?

Dunlop produce many different types of sporting equipment, but are most famous for tennis equipment and golf equipment. The company has been one of the most respected brands in the world since it began in 1910. It has been the choice of great names like Tom Watson, Seve Ballesteros, Arnold Palmer and Fuzzy Zoeller and thus has a proud heritage in the game.

This large amount of experience has allowed them to build up a lot of expertise which they can use to deliver cutting edge innovation and performance to all levels of golfer. Each club is built to be able to meet all of the stringent USGA standards, which is important as some manufacturers try to stretch these too much.

It's a famous brand name, and many people may start first with Dunlop when looking for golf clubs. But like many famous brand names, you cannot buy Dunlop Golf Equipment straight from Dunlop themselves. Instead you have to go to golf speciality shops and major sports goods stores.

If you want to find information on Dunlop Golf products then you may wish to get hold of a catalog. Dunlop do make catalogs, and they do issue price recommendations, but these are intended for dealers, who have the ultimate choice in terms of how much to put the clubs on sale for.

If you want to see a broad selection of Dunlop Golf clubs though as a consumer you can go on their website. Should you see a product on the website that you want to buy yet you cannot find it at your local dealer then you still can't go straight to Dunlop. Instead you have to call Dunlop at a number on their website in order to speak to their sales department who should be able to tell you where your nearest dealer is. The hours this service is available for are between 8:30 and 5pm EST on Monday to Friday.

If you do manage to find some Dunlop golf clubs that you like, the website can be used to register your clubs. Dunlop like to have this information so that they can track who owns their clubs and support them as they use them, in particularly as related to the warranty they offer.

Dunlop offer a one-year limited warranty on new equipment bought from them through Focus Golf Systems. Should you need to get them repaired due to damage not caused by neglect, you should in the first instance go back to where you bought them from. If they can't do it then they can send them back to Dunlop. If Dunlop can't repair them to a level that you are satisfied with then you can be given a new club of a similar model. 

Click here for the www.dunlopsportsonline.com website

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