Where can I find discount golf clubs?

If you want to try golf but don't have a lot of money you really have two choices: One is to go for some cheap golf clubs where you are trading off the fact that they are cheap with the fact that they aren't likely to be that good. Or you can look for good clubs which you can buy at a discount. Then, if you don't like the game, you might be able to sell those clubs on again and not lose too much money.

Put it this way, if you get some cheap clubs, perhaps some clones or something like that, then you get into a vicious circle of not liking golf because you can't hit the ball, but you can't hit the ball because your clubs aren't good enough, so you can't improve and you end up giving up the sport. Instead, get some good clubs, but find them at a good discount, and you can try and get into golf using a reliable brand name, so you know that if it doesn't work then it's not the clubs that are the problem, it's probably you.

So, how do you go about this? Well, it depends on your means really. One clever thing to do is to follow the manufacturing cycle and wait until a company announces that they are about to update their range of golf clubs. When this happens their current range of golf clubs will be reduced in price. They might even reduce them more than you think to try and clear stock. Here is a great chance for you to get clubs at a substantial discount. They will be as good as new, but maybe have a different colouring or just not be as technologically advanced as the range about to be launched. Worth keeping an eye out for anyway.

Some golf shops have a clue in their name. There are a range of Golf Discount stores around, and what they do is that they can buy in bulk and use that purchasing power to get the clubs at a low cost and pass that onto you the buyer as a discount. The thing about buying golf clubs is that you can't buy in bulk really (or you would rarely do it unless you were kitting out your family or something), therefore the retailer needs to have already got a discount themselves to pass this onto you. Large sports stores should also be offering discounts.

Then there is the internet. Go on one of the auction sites, and you can easily get a discount if you play the game properly and do your research. Happy shopping!

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