What are Cobra Golf Clubs?

By 2003, Cobra had grown its market share in metal woods from 3.1% at the end of 2001 up to 12.1%. This is an increase of 9% and is impressive by itself, but even more so when you add the fact that their market share of irons went up from 2.6% at the end of 2001 to 6.8% at the end of 2003, which is an increase of over 4.2%.

Cobra Golf is part of the Acushnet Company, and operates alongside Titliest and Foot-joy within that umbrella. Acushnet Company is wholly owned by Fortune Brands, which itself is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It is the largest overall golf manufacturer in the world, and produced sales over $1bn in 2003. It has almost 5000 employee and has manufacturing, sales and distribution operations in over 20 countries. Under the brand names of Cobra, Footjoy and Titliest they sell golf balls, shoes, gloves, clubs and other accessories over the world.

But what really makes Cobra well-known is their drivers and fairway woods. In fact perhaps the most important area to talk about on the subject of Cobra is their driver, in particular the Cobra SS 427.

Now, there are a lot of big headed clubs available on the market which have heads of between 360 and 400cc in size. But these look almost like traditional, standard sized clubs next to the Cobra SS 427. The Cobra's head is massive, and could be said to be unattractive, but many reviewers think that it is sort of cool. Cobra puts their trademarked snake as well as dual indentations on the crown of their clubs. The shaft is burgundy and black and made of graphite, which matches the head nicely.

It's very difficult to say whether the big Cobra performs well, as there are not any straightforward guidelines for such an eccentric club. It is definitely fun to hit for almost anyone who tests it. But it is difficult to know who will feel at home with the Cobra 427.

It has a low swingweight, which makes it feel very light and balanced in the hands of golfers. But in some people's hands it not the right thing as it may seem like a balloon on the end of a stick. So people can end up over swinging it which makes it tough to control.

What a lot of people have commented on has been the sound the Cobra makes when it is hit. It can be like the head was shattered by lightning. This can be fun for users but less fun for bystanders. So, the Cobra SS 427 is great fun, perhaps mostly for the practice ground, but if you want to hit fairways - perhaps not for you.

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