Where can I get cheap golf clubs?

It's pretty safe to say that on many occasions in golf you get what you pay for. This certainly applies to some equipment but probably doesn't to others. For instance, some players swear by the cheap putter that they picked up cheaply at a car boot sale and have put the £130 putter they got in the pro shop to the side whilst they use their battered one. With woods and irons though, once you have got past the fact that you will likely have to pay money for the brand name, you are also paying for the reliability that if the club carries that brand name then it is more likely to be a good golf club.

Some people though will want to get cheap golf clubs. They are happy to know that if they have bought cheap clubs and they don't enjoy the game that they can just say that they didn't spend much on the clubs anyway so they don't feel bad about it. But it is a chicken and egg situation - you may be not be playing well because of the clubs you are using, not because you aren't good at the game. Perhaps the grooves on the club face aren't made properly. Perhaps the shafts haven't been frequency matched so that each of the clubs react the same way as the others. Perhaps the weight isn't properly distributed around the club. This is the risk you take.

That said, there are some very good quality cheap golf clubs around, particularly those in the game improvement category. It is cheaper to make cast golf irons than it is to make forged golf irons, and you don't even have to waste time and money designing them these days as what many cheap golf club manufacturers do is to wait for the big boys to come up with their designs and put them on the market and then they can copy them whilst changing a few things and then you have a cheap alternative to the real thing.

So where can you get cheap golf clubs? Well all over the place to be precise. Your local pro shop will probably have a section devoted to the cheaper end of the market, especially if they are located at a public course where people are more likely to be trying the game out.

Then there are the golf discount shops. They will be selling all makes of club, from the high end to the low end, as they try to be all things to all people, so look out for cheap golf clubs there. If that fails then try the internet, where all kinds of bargains can be found at auctions.

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