What are Ben Hogan Golf Clubs?

Ben Hogan was born in 1912. His father was a blacksmith who died in 1919. Hogan was not a tall man, only 5'7", but was known as very strong. He was also the possessor of what some called "the secret". This was a technique he used to play a power fade, and was believed to involve having a very weak left-hand grip and a pronounced twist in his left arm as he hit the ball.

In 1946 he won his first major championship - the USPGA. He won two more in 1948. In 1949 though a lorry crashed through the central reservation of the road Hogan was driving on and smashed into his car, almost killing him and his wife Valerie. Hogan suffered permanent leg injuries, yet was back winning the US Open in 1950, an amazing achievement.

In 1953 Ben Hogan achieved what is still reckoned to be the best season in golf history. He played in eight tournaments and won five of them. But what a five he won. They included all three of the majors that he played in - The Masters, The U.S. Open and the British Open. He probably would have won the U.S PGA as well to complete a grand slam, but it actually clashed with the British Open and Hogan couldn't get back over to the States in time.

That same year, at the top of his game, he decided that he would put the same effort that he put into his own game into making golf clubs for other people. He thought that as someone who won 10 major championships as well as 58 other career victories he should be able to parlay his quest for on-course perfection off the course as well. So, The Ben Hogan Company was born, with the vision to make the best products that money could buy.

In 2003, the company celebrated its Golden Anniversary, and has tried during those fifty years to remain guided by the "nothing but the best" principles of its founder. They make all kinds of golf equipment, including balls, drivers, wedges, irons, fairway woods and putters. They also try and stand by their results, so when, in 2002, they introduced a new golf ball - the Apex Tour - and it was used by three winners on the PGA tour (Craig Parry, Len Mattiace and Luke Donald) they were justifiably proud and were able to use those wins as a springboard for the recruitment of more professional golfers to aid them in promoting the brand.

They are positioning themselves as a premium brand, and introduced in 2003 some new product lines, such as the Ben Hogan by Bettinardi putter, a new series of Ben Hogan wedges and some more irons.

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