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Adams Golf Original Tight Lies Fairway Wood Graphite Shaft Mens


Adams Golf is an innovative company. You may have seen their clubs on the racks at your golf shop and been interested in their different shapes as compared to your common or garden golf club. Essentially, they made "upside Down" fairway woods famous in around 1996, which tapered inwards from bottom to top instead of the other way around. They know they are original, which is why they have actually called one of their sets of clubs the "idea".

Adams have developed a reputation down the years for not only being innovative but also for being specialists at clubs that will help to improve your game. That doesn't mean that their clubs are only for beginners though - many tour professionals play Adams clubs, including major winners Nick Faldo and Tom Watson.

Barney Adams started to make golf clubs on his own in 1986. He worked very much in obscurity for 11 years, collecting patents on his golf products and making good equipment but not managing to sell any. He gave seminars and wrote plenty of articles for golf magazines to try and keep his company alive but it looked destined to fail unless an idea caught on.

And then, in 1996, the Tight Lies fairway wood came into being. Adams had been supporting himself with earnings as a fitter of custom golf clubs. His customers had been bemoaning the lack of clubs that could be reliably played from long iron distance (around 200 yards). Adams wondered what would happen if he lowered the centre of gravity of a wood. So, he took the wood head and designed it upside down, this increased the hitting area as well as lowering the centre of gravity, making it a lot easier to hit and solving a problem for many golfers.

The result was a complete turnaround in the fortunes of his company. Adams made $1m of sales in 1995, but $85m in 1998, and was one of the country's fastest growing companies in 1998 as well as winning a pile of golf awards and going public in the largest IPO in golf industry history.

Adams found like on the stockmarket quite tough. In their first quarter as a public company, they recorded record sales and income beating all estimates yet their stock value halved because the golf industry was viewed as being in a down turn.

So Adams had to keep innovating and spending on Research and Development. That's where the Idea irons came from, which are a hybrid of irons and woods which make hitting straight a long way easier than before. Ultimately, if they can make the game easier for golfers, they make it more fun, that's the real idea.

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