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Golf is a partnership between golfer and golf clubs, and what this site is trying to do for you is to help you sort out the golf clubs bit. As for sorting yourself out - well, that's up to you - but a few lessons and some practice wouldn't do you much harm!

This site has three distinct sections, golf clubs types, golf clubs components and golf club reviews.

We start off with a section about the types of golf club that is available. This looks not only at the physical manifestations of a golf club - namely the iron, the woods, the wedges and the putters, but also at how they are specially made for certain groups of people - namely the right hander, the left hander, the females and the youngsters.

We then look at the components of a golf club. Golf clubs are essentially a mix of three separate parts stuck together. These are the grips, the shafts and the heads. We look at the different types of grips in terms of the materials that they are made of. Then as far as shafts are concerned we look at the different materials that they are made out of and also comparing the different levels of "flex" that you can get in shafts and who would be best to use them. As far as heads are concerned, woods are also made of different materials and can be made out of so many different sizes, whilst irons are manufactured differently and putters can be all different shapes and sizes. We also cover head covers, which are available for all types of clubs but mostly used for woods, although we recommend them for putters as well.

The section on buying golf clubs offers you tips on how to go about getting the best deals for the right clubs for your game, both new and used. We look at discount golf clubs and contrast them with cheap golf clubs. Discount golf clubs could be expensive for your budget but the deal you can get might be at such a discount that it's worth pushing the boat out for. Cheap golf clubs may suit your budget but there is a certain amount of "you get what you pay" for in this business so be careful. We also cover clone golf clubs, which are basically replicas of well known brands and should be carefully tested before buying.

Finally we do a review of the manufacturers of golf clubs, which is not to say we pass judgement on the clubs themselves, but that we look at the main manufacturers and tell you a bit about each. In addition we give you a link to their official web sites - because we're nice like that!

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