Resin Outdoor Furniture - A Popular Choice

Properties and care

Resin outdoor furniture
Resin outdoor furniture is perfect for people who lead busy lives – it virtually takes care of itself! Strong and sturdy, resin furniture has filled the patios of people all around the world as a popular choice for their exterior furnishings.

Alexander Parkes developed the first man-made plastic in the 1860s, where it has since taken on a life of its own – and resin is just a glorified type of plastic. Similar to other types of plastic furniture, the base product is made of recycled plastic: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

In today’s fast paced environment, many people do not have time to mess around with, trying to keep their outdoor furniture clean. Great for families with kids, resin outdoor furniture is long-lasting and never rusts. As well as resisting stains and spillages, it is very easy to clean.

Another advantage of owning this type of furniture is that it is economical next to some of its wooden and aluminum counterparts. Storing it at the end of each season is relatively easy. As it is quite a lightweight material, moving it around is no problem, and a lot of current designs allow for easy stacking.

Resin Furniture Care

Of all the different types of outdoor furniture on the market, resin is the easiest to clean – just turn the garden hose onto it. Simple!

Mildew can be removed using a mixture of one cup bleach, two cups detergent and one gallon of water.



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