Plastic Outdoor Furniture - Benefits of Recycled Plastic

Properties and care

Plastic outdoor furniture

Gone are the days when plastic outdoor furniture was a dingy set of white flimsy chairs ready to fly away with the slightest breeze. Plastic patio furniture has actually moved into being a practical and functional solution to your garden furnishing needs, as manufacturers continually working towards advancing their products.

Still a low-cost alternative for furnishing your outdoor area, makers of serious plastic furniture now take into account aesthetics, materials and design composition when constructing their pieces.

As well as most pieces now being durable and sturdy, they also come in a range of colors and textures.

Recycled Plastic Patio Furniture

Constructed from what manufacturers call ‘plastic lumber’, this type of material will not rot, crack, warp, or splinter. It is also denser than wood; long lasting (50 years plus, depending on the application); stain, water and UV resistant; and impervious to insects. There is a wide range of plastic lumber available. The base product is made of recycled plastic: 100% recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Some of the lumber is made entirely of HDPE, which comes in a variety of molded-in colors. For instance, a piece of furniture is made from around 240 recycled plastic milk jugs.

Other types of lumber use mixtures, which contain recycled HDPE with wood fibers, rubber, fiberglass, or other plastics. Depending on what product is being made, plastic lumber composites are available for those needing a stronger material. They are also available for people wanting a long-lasting alternative to wood, but one that is paintable.

Benefits of owning recycled plastic outdoor furniture include: no rust; its easy to clean and can take a hard bashing time from the family. It can be an ideal option for people that wish to optimize their outdoor living space, but who wish to do it on a budget – such as first-time home owners. If this is the option you are going with, then buy from a manufacturer who is environmentally conscious, and has made their products from recycled materials. While the construction and make-up of plastic is a complex scientific process, here are a few good reasons from the American Plastics Council on why to invest in it:

Without plastics, 400 percent more material by weight and 200 percent more material by volume would be needed to make packaging.

Between 1990 and 1996 the amount of waste going into landfills declined by more than 17 percent (by weight).

Plastic lumber, made with recycled plastic, holds nails and screws better than wood, is virtually maintenance free and lasts for 50 years.

(Source: - the American Plastics Council website)

The magic about this sort of furniture is that you hardly have to look after it at all. On very rare occasions when it may need to have any dust or dirt cleaned from it in a maintenance clean, just take a bucket of warm soapy water and a cloth, and wipe down the furniture. Basic care will keep it looking in ship-shape condition, and will extend the product’s lifespan.

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