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Materials and considerations

Patio outdoor furniture

The great outdoors… for a lot of people, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending time outside – especially if it is in the sanctuary of your own yard.

Whether you're dusting off your old outdoor patio furniture or shopping for something new, here is some helpful advice about what to look for when maximizing the potential of your outdoor haven.

When shopping for outdoor furniture, here are some things that you should keep in mind.

It is important to choose materials that will take the hard treatment that outdoor patio and bar furniture is often subject to. Weather-resistant materials are the best for all aspects of your furniture. Strong materials that will last for many years are the best option, including wood, wicker, aluminum and wrought iron. Cushions and fabrics not only need to be made of hard-wearing, strong materials but also need to be able to dry quickly.


Aluminum outdoor patio furniture is a popular option for patio furniture as it is lightweight, rust resistant and is often finished in a durable paint. It can be molded and welded into a wide range of styles, and it easy to care for.


Wrought iron is a heavy and durable material for your outdoor bar furniture, but the downside is that it is prone to rust. It requires regular maintenance and painting when exposed to the elements. Wrought iron's heaviness makes it best for windy climates.


The term wicker refers to the technique of weaving, rather than the material itself. Traditionally, rattan is the textile used when making wicker furniture. It can not withstand outdoor exposure for long periods and must be painted.


It often seems quite fitting to furnish your outdoor environment with wood, as it compliments its natural surroundings. Wood costs can range from the more expensive (such as teak) to cedar on the less-expensive end of the range. Left to age naturally, these pieces will gradually turn a shade of silvery gray. For woods such as oak and pine, it's best to apply stains or paint at the beginning of each spring.

Other Considerations

USE - Consider the use of each piece, along with your how much space you have available. Think about a few of the following things: Will you need a dining table and chairs? Would the outdoor patio furniture be left in the area permanently, or will it need to be stored - meaning it should be of a lighter weight?

DESIGN - Take into consideration the style of your house and property when buying your furniture. Make sure that it will compliment its surroundings, such as: not putting a petite aluminum table and chairs in the yard of a huge log cabin home, where it is better suited to an apartment. Choose well-known furniture designers that construct quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

WEIGHT - Firstly, think about whether the furniture is to be placed in its location permanently or whether it will need to be moved into storage regularly. If it is to be permanently located, then heavy wrought iron pieces may be the best option – especially if you live in an area where there is high wind regularly. Should it need to be moved on regular occasions, take into consideration that the pieces will need to be light enough to be easily moved.

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