Outdoor Patio Heaters - A perfect option for keeping warm

Garden patio heaters for home & commercial use

Coleman Outdoor Patio Heaters

Coleman Patio Heater

A great way to enjoy your outdoor furniture at any time of the day is with a patio heater. In climates where it is not often possible to stay outdoors for long periods of time due to the climate (especially after dark), an outdoor patio heater is the perfect option for keeping warm.

On those beautiful evenings where the sky is clear, but the temperature has dropped considerably, you and your guests can stay out on the patio and continue to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor patio heaters are portable propane or natural gas powered heaters (similar to indoor gas heaters) which are designed to distribute heat in a radius from above users.

Garden Patio heaters for home and commercial use

Patio heaters have become popular over recent years following their introduction and use in bars all over the world. They are designed for both commercial and home garden use.

Most home heaters stand at around seven-feet tall and, depending on the weather, will generate heat in a 20-foot diameter from an umbrella-shaped stainless steel cap.

Groups of heaters can also be positioned to give overlapping heat in a larger area if you are entertaining a large number of guests.

Due to risk of fire, awnings, gazebos or tents should never be used over heaters.

Available in a range of colors, including stainless steel, red, blue, green and black, the heaters are also weather resistant.




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