Aluminum Outdoor Furniture - A Popular Choice

Properties and care

Aluminum outdoor furniture

One of the most popular exterior furniture types available on the worldwide market is aluminum outdoor furniture. Extruded aluminum tubing is made by forcing this metal through an extrusion press. Dies are customized by manufacturers, according to desired thickness and shape. The wall thickness of the aluminum sides of the tubing is its gauge which reflects the strength of the tubing.

Most modern and trend pieces of outdoor furniture are now made from this type of material, as it is easy to work with. The furniture does not rust when left in the elements, and is sturdy yet comfortable. A durable outdoor metal, it does not need to be stored in inclement weather, but like everything else, will look better longer if you can store it.

Extruded Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Care

Suntan oils, perspiration, car exhaust and salt spray among other things can all affect powder coating on the pieces. To ensure long life, clean the set twice a month with a mix of mild liquid detergent and warm water. Following this, rinse them well with the garden hose. A car wax may then be applied to smooth finish frames.

Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Cast aluminum furniture has been around for many years, and is one of the most popular types of outdoor furniture. As the name suggests, it involves the casting of aluminum. The procedure involves building a wood model of the piece of furniture, which is then made into metal molds. Molds are used to allow for intricacy, such as delicate flower and leaf designs.

Molten liquid is then taken and poured into the mold. Each part of the piece of furniture is molded separately, and following the cooling process, the mold is removed, then each piece is ground down and polished. To create the final product, the pieces are all welded or bolted together and coated with a textured or smooth finish in a range of colors.

Furniture made from this material is solid (heavier than tubular types) and very durable (not-rusting), making it great for outdoor use.

Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Care

Apply a coat of wax to furniture that has a smooth finish (do not apply it to textured frames) at the start of each season. From here, the rest of the season will require you to put in minimal care for this type of furniture. All that is required is to wipe down the furniture frame occasionally with soapy water and rinse thoroughly using the garden hose. This small amount of work will keep your cast aluminum outdoor furniture looking its best for years to come.

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