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Intro to world of outdoor furniture

Welcome to Guide4Home Outdoor – your first stop for online advice and information on buying outdoor furniture. Nothing completes the look of your home’s exterior living space like patio furniture.

Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to this type of furnishing, there is a simple theory – if you find it in the living areas of a home, then there will more than likely be an outdoor version of it! One of the most enjoyable elements of summer is sitting outside in the garden and sipping on cool drinks, while basking in the warm sunlight.

Our Fascination with outdoor furniture

The origin of modern outdoor furniture dates back to the days of wood stoves. Over the summer families used to move out to the porch after dinner due to the heat in the house from the sun. Following that, the wood stove would have to be lit in order to prepare the evening meal – making the heat inside the house even more unbearable. From there the front porch became an outdoor version of the living room.

Back in these days (which was late last century in the time before central heating), outdoor furniture was limited mainly to a rickety rocking chair or an assortment of chairs scattered across the front porch. As kitchen chairs back then were all made with straight backs, the sitting style would involve propping the chair on an angle against a wall to make it remotely comfortable.

As the years have rolled past, the options expanded to porch swings and wicker furniture, which became a popular choice by wealthy families for the outdoors, and was often left out all year round. It was from here that outdoor furniture slowly moved from being an accessory for the well off, to a practicality for the middle class.

For a period, porch swings were highly popular for people to sit on and watch life (and the neighbors) go by. They were also a great device for youngsters to cuddle on after the parents had retired for the evening.

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In modern times, a flourishing industry has developed solely around the construction and sale of outdoor furniture including online stores. Everything from tables and chairs through to loungers and hammocks are now made in an outdoor version.

As well as an amazing array of furniture types, the materials used to construct them have also evolved with time. Nowadays, you can find exterior furnishings made of a range of materials including: wood (teak, cedar, pine etc); wicker; stone, metal (wrought iron, aluminum) and plastic. The designs have also moved into being anywhere from sheer practicality right through to creative masterpieces. Modern designs are also built to withstand the test of the elements, and is easy to take care of and maintain.

When buying outdoor furniture, remember to take into consideration where you live. If you reside in a hot climate such as Texas, you will need to consider buying equipment that won’t warp in the intense heat. On the other hand, if you live in an area prone to storms and cyclones, being able to quickly relocate your furniture into storage will mean you will need to either collapsible/folding furniture in order to move it in a hurry.

This site has been designed to help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing outdoor furniture for your home. Once you have a good idea on what sort of furniture would suit your residence, visit our online store or directories to find some of the best online retailers.

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