Waterfall Fountains: Make your garden special!

Indoor and outdoor waterfall fountains

The great waterfalls of the world are massive, awe-inspiring creations of the Earth. From Venezuela’s Angel Falls to Africa’s Victoria Falls, waterfalls have fascinated mankind for thousands of years. Even if you don’t see yourself making it to South America this year, you can still experience the beauty of a waterfall on a far smaller, simpler level by installing a waterfall fountain in your home or yard.

An indoor waterfall fountain can be a beautiful addition to any home. These fountains can be small enough to sit on a tabletop or large enough to act as the centerpiece of any room. Choose natural designs that mimic the stone waterfalls of nature or take home a completely modern, artistic version of your very own indoor waterfall.

If space is an issue, try a tabletop waterfall fountain, a wall-mounted version or even a freestanding model. Contemporary models tend to rely on glass, burnished metals and stone material such as slate and granite to impart a chic, sophisticated attitude. Some use lighting to enhance the beauty of the cascading water.

Adding a waterfall fountain to your yard or garden is a terrific way to give any outdoor space that extra bit of something special. Outdoor waterfall fountains can be installed in your garden, on a deck, to the wall of your house, in a backyard swimming pool or in a decorative pond; the options are unlimited. Please note; if you plan to install a waterfall fountain in an existing swimming pool, be sure to check with your pool supplier that this will not hamper your pool’s filtration system in any way.

Outdoor waterfall fountains are cast in a variety of appropriate materials that make them impervious to all types of weather. Slate, granite, marble, resin and aluminum fountains are all popular choices. You can even build your own waterfall fountain simply by attaching an outdoor garden hose to a stacked pyramid of rocks. Be sure the water is able to drain either into a pond or an installed drainage system to prevent creating a boggy area in your yard.


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