Resin Water Fountains

Wall, garden and table top resin fountains

Lightweight resin water fountains have become very popular in recent years as they’re easy to transport and place and yet much more affordable than traditional stone or concrete fountains. Resin is an extremely flexible medium to work with and so is an ideal casting material for everything from ornate outdoor garden fountains to classic wall fountains and simple table top fountains.

Popular designs of resin water fountains

Many higher-end resin fountains are hand finished with remarkable painted details and hand carvings. A variety of companies manufacture resin fountains with a large number of models being imported from Asia. This eastern influence can be seen in the popularity of cascading bamboo table top fountains. However, designs and styles range from the classical to the contemporary with a selection of fountains featuring animals, floral themes and elaborate figures. Large outdoor garden fountains feature everything from simple tiered bowls to classical figurines in traditional poses.

Resin is a highly durable material and cheaper to work with than stone, concrete or other traditional fountain materials and this means you can buy resin fountains for a fraction of the cost of heavier models. Resin fountains are also easy to manoeuvre in case you wish to change you garden layout or even move house. Although sturdy, resin fountains do require a little more care when moving as they can be easily cracked if dropped or bumped.

Buying resin water fountains

When buying a resin fountain check if is comes as one single unit or in separate components. The advantage to separate components is that should you accidentally crack one section then just that piece can be replaced rather than the whole fountain unit. Fountain components should twist and lock together rather than just sit on top of one another as this creates a more secure unit in outdoor weather conditions.

Expect to pay about £20 for a small table top resin fountain, £40 to £60 for a wall fountain and up to £200 for ornate resin garden fountains.


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