Fountain Pump: An essential part of your water feature

Small, solar and submersible fountain pumps

Fountain Pump

Fountain pumps are an absolutely essential part of your water feature set up whether you’re building your own table top fountain or hiring a landscape architect to build you a water monument to be seen from the 15 th hole of your private golf course.

Whenever water needs to be moved in a pond, a fountain or an artificial waterfall you’ll need a fountain pump to get it moving.

Obviously the type of water pump you need for a small table top fountain is quite different from one pumping a single plume of water 30 feet into the air, but power is not the only thing to take into account when you go to buy a pump.

Fountain pump strength

If you're unsure what strength of pump to buy play around with your garden hose until you get an effect you like. Then measure the amount of water passing through the hose per minute by collecting it in a bucket. Since most pumps are measured in flow rates of liters per minute you'll soon get a good idea of what strength of pump you need. However, the flow rate of your pump should not exceed the fountain reservoir's volume.

Power sources for fountain pumps

Most fountain pumps are powered by electricity from either your mains supply or via a transformer that produces a low voltage current. All fountain pumps should be plugged into a socket fitted with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GCFI) which cuts off electricity supply in the case of a short circuit or fault. Your pump should come supplied with enough sealed cable to reach your electricity supply or at least out onto dry land as you should never try connecting cables underwater or near any wet patches around your fountain. If in any doubt get an electrician to hook up your fountain pump; electricity and water are a nasty combination.

If it's going to be difficult getting a power supply to your water feature a solar powered water pump is an ideal solution. And since you generally use your garden when it's sunny there's usually no problem with solar output. Of course passing clouds can affect the intensity of the power and thus the flow of water but the variations in spray can be just as pleasing as a constant flow.

Buying your fountain pump

Always buy your fountain pump from a reputable manufacturer, you’ll need your pump to work efficiently for long periods of time without a lot of maintenance, and a cheaper but temperamental design will be a bad economy in the long run. And make sure your submersible fountain pump is always under water otherwise you risk burning out the motor.


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