Pebble Fountains: Low Voltage Water Fountains

Wall mounted, patio and garden pebble fountains

Fountain pebbles

The sound of trickling water combined with rippling stones has made fountain pebbles extremely popular. Blending natural elements with innovative design, pebble fountains bring nature back into the house in a contemporary fashion.

Wall mounted pebble fountains

Most pebble fountains are wall mounted units with a flat plane of multi-hued pebbles cascading down the wall like a waterfall. As water trickles over the unit the pebbles create a brook-like effect with soothing water sounds. Larger stones at the bottom of the unit enhance the effect with an audible change in tone. Simple pebble fountains combine natural visual and audible elements while more sophisticated models add ‘natural’ soundtracks to the unit.

One of the most popular designs, the Illuminated Rain Forest Fountain with Pebbles, has a choice of six soundtracks varying from summer night, loon and sunrise to thunder, rainforest and chimes. Rain and soundtrack levels can be adjusted for a subtle background effect or a more dramatic full-on nature invasion. Added low voltage illumination completes the impact as the pebble undulations and subtle changes in colour are accented by the soft light.

Most pebble fountains come with an adjustable-flow water pump to control the stream of water. Mounted in a combination of copper or wood the wall mounted waterfalls are a very soothing addition to your home. Pebble fountains vary widely in size and price. Expect to pay between about $400 and $1500 for a decent design.

Patio and garden pebble fountains

Free standing patio pebble waterfalls are also available. These can be similar to indoor wall mounted pebble waterfalls in a vertical case or can work on a horizontal plane with water trickling over the sides to create a calming water effect. You can also buy garden pebble fountains in kit form with everything you need to create a fantastic water feature in your garden. The kits come with a pump and hinged lid to allow easy access for maintenance and also feature three recessed outer areas for planting aquatic plants. Kits costs about $40 but you need to supply your own pebbles.


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