Outdoor Wall Fountains: Water decor for the garden

Types of outdoor wall fountains

Outdoor Wall Fountains

Outdoor wall fountains were first used in ancient Egypt and then in Persia as decorative features in formal gardens. The Romans dispersed water to the people through outdoor water fountains and their lofty ideals meant that the people enjoyed the ornate designs of skilled craftsmen rather than simply crude functional structures.

Today outdoor wall fountains are primarily decorative features used to enhance our homes and gardens and bring a little of that Roman spirit of ritual serenity and décor into our lives. Having a wall fountain in your garden adds character to dull walls or plain patio spaces and gives that wonderful sense of relaxation that the sound of running water brings.

If you've got a small garden or patio and don't have space for a free standing fountain, a wall fountain can be a great solution, fitting easily against any existing wall or into an alcove, and leaving the space you have for seating or dining.

Types of outdoor wall fountains

Outdoor wall fountains come either as self supporting units with a pedestal base and ornamental back-plate or as a unit which needs to be mounted onto the wall. You need to consider the strength of your wall and the weight of the wall fountain before buying a heavy unit and attempting to mount it on unstable brickwork. Although many outdoor wall fountains are cast from concrete or carved from stone, cheaper models are made from a fiber resin which has the added benefit of being lightweight and easy to cast into ornamental shapes. Once you've chosen a material and structure that will fit in your space the design choices are almost endless from a variety of ornate styles with classical figures and lion heads to cathedral wall fountains with Gothic arches and ornate columns.

Buying outdoor wall fountains

When buying an outdoor wall fountain check that it's going to fit in your space and that you'll be able to support it correctly. Also check that all hosing and cabling is included and that you get the right pump for the fountain so that water doesn't end up spilling all over your patio or lawn. It's also well worth considering buying additional lighting for your fountain if it's not already built in as this will increase your enjoyment by illuminating the cascading water or pool by night and accenting decorative designs and carvings.Outdoor wall fountains start at about $50 for a simple fiberglass model and can cost up to thousands of dollars for the most ornate carved marble fountains.


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