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Fountain Manufacture

Fountain manufacture has changed enormously in recent years and pre-cast modelling has dropped the price of fountains considerably making garden water features accessible to all. Fountain design has also changed in this time and although traditional fountains are widely available they’ve been joined by an array of contemporary minimalist fountains popular in more modern gardens.

Traditional garden fountains

One of the leading manufacturers of traditional garden fountains, Kinsman produces a range of fountains from simple and stylish wall masks to formal water features with classical poses. The fountains are made from a stone mix and come in five possible colours. Designs range from cherub and harvest wall fountains to a classical lady pouring into a pot and more contemporary designs such as ribbed bowls with spiral shells. Prices range from about £25 for a decorative wall mask to about £250 for a formal feature fountain. For more information on Kinsman fountain manufacture visit

Designer water fountains

If you really want to make an impact you can buy fountains designed by British sculptor Caroline Russell-Lacy. Her decorative fountains draw inspiration from Celtic myths and natural themes and are hand made to order. Manufactured from metal resins the designs are light weight and easy to ship. Choose from Moorish and Etruscan wall pools, a selection of wall fountains featuring the heads of mythological figures, a range of lizard fountains, traditional bowl fountains and Celtic themed fountains. Designs by Caroline Russell-Lacy cost between £200 and £900. For more information visit

Contemporary water fountains

One of the leaders of contemporary fountain manufacture, Heissner of Germany produces a range of ultra-modern fountain designs. Stainless steel features widely in most of the fountains which range in price from about £120 to £135. One of the most popular designs is their stainless steel sphere, a stylish ball with electroplated mirror finish, that sits on any type of stones or slate. An alternative is the mirror obelisk, an elegant, standing fountain with adjustable pump for a trickle or flow of water. Another of their contemporary designs is the illuminated semi-transparent pyramid design featuring ‘ice-cubes’ flowing with water. For more information on German fountain manufacturer Heissner, visit


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