Indoor Fountains: Wall, Floor and Table Top Options

Interior water features

Indoor Fountains

The Greeks, Romans, Persians, Moors and ancient Chinese were all big fans of indoor fountains for their cooling effect in hot climates and the soothing and calming sounds they produced. In these great cultures personal harmony was inspired by serene sounds and cool breezes. Today practitioners of Feng Shui emphasize the importance that water has on our lives and maintain that a correctly placed water feature can enhance our lives enormously.

Whatever your reason for wanting an indoor fountain, the diversity and range available today is unparalleled in history. Whether you are a restaurateur interested in a flowing wine fountain, one of the faithful interested in a desk fountain featuring the Virgin Mary, or a contemporary style guru aiming for a sleek minimalist look, there is a design for you. From small table top fountains to wall mounted pebble fountains and slick contemporary designs with floating steel spheres you're bound to find an indoor fountain to suit you and your home.

Traditional indoor water fountains feature a range of brightly coloured ceramic and resin figures that although still loved by many, are a little too kitsch for the young and trendy. More contemporary designs feature an array of copper, slate and glass artfully used to produce stylish but understated designs.

Wall and floor fountains

The AquaFall Wave floor fountains are one of the most popular contemporary models on the market. This simple but elegant design features a slender slate-like backdrop with a rippled texture, and a subtle flow of water tipping over it. Illuminated by soft light, these floor fountains look incredible whether alone or aligned side by side for a more dramatic effect.

Wall mounted waterfalls and pebble fountains are another popular contemporary design. These flat fountains feature an array of multi-hued pebbles over which the water cascades. A recent development on this same theme are the fine art waterfalls which feature a hand painted reproduction of famous artworks as a backdrop to the trickling water.

Table top fountains

Table top fountains have come a long way from the resin bamboo reproductions of traditional Japanese fountains. Today, stunning designs by artists such as Nayer Kazemi feature ceramic, copper, slate and stone beautifully crafted into fine art water features that compliment any interior. Simple, yet elegant these fountains resemble magnificent sculptures small enough to place in your own home or office. Another very popular table top model is the water bell fountain which features freely rotating copper bells propelled by the babbling water and chiming as they bump into each other.

Indoor fountains range enormously in price and style. Expect to pay anywhere from about $40 to $3000 for a design of your choice.

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