Fountain Heads: A wall mounted lion head for your garden?

Functional and decorative fountain heads

Fountain head
When it comes to water features there are two distinct types of fountain heads available: functional fountain heads used to disperse the water in a particular pattern and decorative fountain heads used as an ornamental feature.

Decorative fountain heads

Decorative fountain heads were originally used to fill servants’ water jars in ancient times but today are used as ornamental features to liven up a garden wall and introduce the sound of splashing or trickling water to your land locked garden. Decorative fountain heads come in a variety of styles and are usually an integral part of a fountain unit.

The most popular designs are the heads of classical figures or of lions, both of which are frequently used in wall mounted fountains. Decorative fountain heads can be bought as stand only fountain elements too. These stand alone fountain heads are usually very affordable and create a striking focal point in your garden. Wall mounted units generally come with a decorative basin below the head and a finished wall section in carved marble, concrete or resin.

Decorative fountain heads can cost anywhere from about $40 to $3000 depending on the design and model you choose.

Fountain head hardware

A fountain head is also the name used to describe the part of the fountain that attaches to the pump and actually disperses the water. A fountain head is essential to create a spray of water in large ponds or formal bowl fountains. You can choose from a variety of spray patterns to fit your needs but you should be conscious that plants such as water lilies don’t like too much water movement so you may have to compromise on vegetation if you’re planning a dramatic spray effect. You also need to remember that water can splash as far as it falls, so if you’re planning an eight foot high column of water you need to think about how you’ll fit a 16 foot pool into the garden.

If the fountain head is the only circulation in a pool it needs to be able to circulate half the volume of your pond every hour. It’s a good idea to decide exactly what you want from your fountain before you buy any elements of it as the type and height of spray you want will also influence the strength of pump you need to buy. When buying a pump look for one that allows you to combine it with an array of fountain head nozzles, this allows you to choose from cascades, single columns of water, or multiple sprays of water from one system. One of the most popular models available is a spiral fountain head which produces an elegant display of cascading water.

Fountain heads vary greatly in price and can range from about $16 right up to about $400 depending on the model and design you choose.


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