Fountain Grass - Red, Purple and Dwarf Grasses

Enhancing your garden fountain

Fountain Grass

The decorative elements around your garden fountain are just as important as the water feature itself and fountain grass, stones, pebbles and plants can have a huge impact on your garden. Choosing the right grass and plants is essential though.

Ornamental grasses are some of the best to use around your fountain. Not only will they draw attention to your water feature but they’ll help to hide any of the functional elements of your garden fountain such as pipes, leads or pumps. Below is a list of some of the most commonly used ornamental grasses for this type of work.

Fountain grass

This decorative grass is originally from Northern Africa and grows in open mounds from about one to three feet high. The grass flowers in July through fall and flowers can be whitish purple, to yellow. Fountain grass grows well in most moist soils and prefers full sun. It’s an aggressive plant and will happily take over other species if you let it. Fountain grass comes in several different varieties but one of the most stunning is Karley Rose a deep blue, green grass topped with massive plumes of deep red flowers.

Rabbit’s Tail Grass

This grass is really simple to grow from seed and provides a great backdrop for your ornamental water feature. It works well in large displays and can grow up to about two feet high. The flowers create fuzzy tips on the grass blades that resemble rabbit’s tails – hence the name. Rabbit’s tail grass likes a sunny location in well drained soil, so if your fountain tends to leak plant it a little way back. ‘Nana’ is a dwarf version of the grass that only grows to about six inches high.

Fescue Elijah's Blue

Another stunner, Fuscue Eliajh’s Blue is a sturdy ornamental grass with a ten-inch growth. It’s a great bet for ground cover around garden water features and around rocks. The soft blue of the blades makes a wonderful contrast to the flowering grasses listed above. This grass likes well drained soil so watch out for leaks from your fountain if it doesn’t seem to be thriving.

Flame Grass

Another excellent backdrop to water features is the high-growing flame grass. At three to four feet high this grass takes on a red hue by mid summer if planted in moist ground, in autumn blades turn orange. The grass flowers in late summer with a silvery white flower and does well in light shade or sunlight.


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