Bird Bath Fountains: Create a bird friendly garden

Electronic and solar powered water mechanisms

Bird Bath Fountains
Early morning birdsong is an attractive addition to any garden. If you’re interested in creating a bird-friendly garden haven, try installing your very own bird bath fountain; birds love fresh, running water, and a specially designed fountain can be just the thing to attract our feathered friends.

Your basic bird bath fountain typically involves an electric or solar powered water mechanism that is centered in an open basin set on a stand. However, bird bath fountains come in all shapes and sizes and can be very simple or very decorative. You can choose whether you want a resin, cement, marble, iron or aluminum fountain.

Some fountains are heated so that birds may enjoy them year round to drink, bathe and play. Perhaps garden space is your No. 1 priority; if so, choose from among bird bath fountains that hang, mount to a steady surface, stand on a decorative pedestal, affix to the ground or reside on your deck.

Electronic and solar powered mechanisms
Some fountains are tiered in levels, which allow birds to bathe under a falling shower of water droplets. Perhaps you are looking for a specifically decorative bird bath fountain, one which will make its own decorative statement in your yard. If this is so, you can find fountains designed with any number of figures; try one decorated with frogs, woodland animals or fairies. Other bird bath fountains are created with multicolored tile mosaic basins, reflective garden spheres and decorative wrought iron designs.

Perhaps you prefer a bird bath fountain that is more natural, one that is designed to blend into the background of your garden. Waterfall bird bathes can be a good choice, as the water trickles down realistic rocks molded in resin. Resin is a good material for any bird bath fountain, as the hard plastic can easily be cleaned and transported. The resin also provides a bird-friendly non-slip surface.


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