Bamboo Water Fountains: A table top water feature

Enjoy the natural beauty of bamboo

One of the best ways to enjoy the natural beauty of bamboo is to invest in a small table top bamboo water fountain. By integrating this attractive wood into a fountain setting complete with bubbling water and stone, one can appreciate what is commonly held as a ‘ lucky’ wood for years to come.

Long treasured by cultures all across Asia, bamboo is one of the strongest types of wood, making it useful for all sorts of projects and tools. In fact, longitudinally speaking, bamboo is 17 percent stronger than steel! The practical tubular shape of bamboo has made it popular for use in canes, furniture, bicycles and musical instruments.

Today, bamboo is commonly used to construct bamboo water fountains, which use the natural tubing of the wood to arrange and direct water flow from level to level. Not only does the bamboo present an attractive arrangement, but the sounds of trickling water hitting the hollow wood are melodious and soothing.

Not only can a bamboo water fountain help inspire a long and lucky life, but it can also add an attractive element to any decorating scheme. Available in all shapes and sizes, bamboo water fountains are typically used indoors, though it is possible to find outdoor versions.

In China, a bamboo water fountain is viewed as a symbol of long life, while in India it is a symbol of friendship. Both cultures believe that a bamboo water fountain can ease the life force while promoting good energy; the Chinese call this force ‘chi’ while the Hindus believe in seven forces called ‘chakras.’

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