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Before Weber created their first kettle-shaped grill in 1951 existing barbeques exposed the food to the ashes, wind and flare ups. The simple idea of adding a lid literally revolutionized the backyard barbeque. Weber barbeques soon became iconic in the US and began to sell as quickly as they were produced. When you buy a Weber grill you can be sure that it is top class in terms of quality. The company claims that they last for years and the results are exceptional every time.

Weber leave nothing to chance in their quest to create the perfect grill, and the company’s Summit and Genesis ranges are considered some of the best on the market for their price. Today, Weber produces many different kinds of barbeque grills, from two to six gas burners, charcoal, gas, and even portable models. The original barbeque was, of course, a charcoal grill. They still produce this classic design, and it is one of their best selling lines.

There are a number of key features of the charcoal grill for which it has earned its popularity. Firstly, the bowl and lid are made from premium-grade US steel, which is then coated with a porcelain enamel finish. This reflects heat, prevents rust and is fire proof. Similar quality is maintained in the creation of the steel grates, which are rust-resistant due to the heavy-gauge steel used. The handle of the top of the lid is made from glass-reinforced nylon, and is guaranteed for the life of the grill. Last, but not least, Weber have replaced nuts and bolts with robot-welded fixings. Not only does this avoid the rust, but it also means that you have the sturdiest possible grill, and less to assemble.

Another key feature that really puts the Weber head and shoulders above other charcoal barbeques is the patented ‘one-touch’ cleaning system. The aluminium ash-catcher allows you to easily dispose of the remaining charcoal within minimum fuss or mess.

The Weber gas barbeque grills have equal attention to detail, and some fabulous features. When they launched their first gas grill in 1983 they were under pressure to produce an excellent product, and they didn’t disappoint. The patented cooking system includes uniquely angled ‘flavourizer bars’. This means that there are no more flare-ups, as fat and juices simply sizzle upon contact.

The burner system on the gas grills allows maximum control, by providing numerous valves the length of the grill. This means that you can experiment with direct and indirect heat to get the perfect results every time. These barbecues also include integral extras that delight grill chefs. For example, the dual purpose thermometer which can be used to check the temperature of the grill, and also probe the meat.

Weber also does a good range of portable grills to take on trips with you. This miniature version has all the top-notch features you would expect from the company.

Weber is a company which takes barbequing very seriously, and if you purchase one of their grills you can be assured of important warranties and support service. Weber’s aluminium castings boast a lifetime guarantee and other grill parts have guarantees of at least five years. A Weber barbeque also gives you access to the 24-hour toll-free hotline, armed with the company’s certified barbeque experts.

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