Build In Barbeques - Perfect for the Backyard

What types of build-in barbeques are available?

Custom built barbeques may take a smaller market share than ready made charcoal and gas-based grills, but they are enjoying something of a resurgence in backyards all over the world.

What you want and what you need from a built in backyard barbeque should be your first and most important considerations. Will this be a permanent fixture? How much space do you have available? Are you after a simple coal pit or a proper inlaid gas grill?

The simple outdoor grill set in a brick base is popular and can be made with a little bit of basic knowledge. All you’d need to construct this is some simple instructions (available online or in books from your library), bricks and some solid metal parts. It’s best to make sure your barbeque is in an area that will be well ventilated and away from any structures.

An advantage of brick barbeque is its water resistance and extreme durability. Depending on the bricks or stone you choose they can also blend in nicely with your home and existing surroundings. Bricks mortared together will be extremely sturdy but immovable; while a barbecue which isn’t mortared together will not be so durable but will able to be moved.

It’s possible to buy gas grills specifically made for outdoor use, which can be inserted directly in to a permanent casing in your yard.

Inlaid barbeques can be built from plans, many of which are available to buy for a nominal charge (or free of charge) online. Some of these could be executed by you and a friend in an afternoon, depending on your level of expertise. Others you may have to employ a handyman to carry out.

A popular new trend for outdoor cooking is the grill island. This large, stationary structure (often made of stainless steel) boasts a gas grill at its most basic and can hold almost anything you could stock in an indoor kitchen as it gets more elaborate. Cabinets, fridges and freezers can all be adapted for use outdoors and installed into a backyard grill island. They are completely customizable but can be expensive depending on the scope of your plans.

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