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Voice Over Work

Missing the movie previews at the beginning of a film can be very disappointing. Previews seem to pull us in by their flashy presentations, gripping music, and exceptional story telling. Quite often we recognize the storyteller, as we hang on every word they say, trying to figure out what sort of movie is being presented.

Although the images and sound may grab us, the storytelling voice creates an aura of suspense as we yearn to know the rest of the story. Not may people would be able say the name of the voice, however, we all know that voice. It becomes an integral part of our movie culture.

In the media today, we are quite often presented with images that we react to. Voices talk to us, gripping us, helping us decide whether or not to listen to the overall message. These voices are known to the entertainment world as voice overs. People who work in this field are known as voice over professionals.

Actors and other people working in the media often train themselves as voice over professionals. Although acting skills do help when learning to communicate ideas with your voice, it takes practice, as you are no longer communicating with your whole body. Voice overs must learn to adapt the use of their voice to sell a product or incite interest in a topic.

Good voice over professionals work at changing their voice quality and style to fit many different types of media as possible. This is so they can market themselves in many different sectors of the entertainment industry.

Not all clients look for voice over professionals with soothing, warm voices. They may want a rough, edgy voice with attitude. Developing a style that is versatile and unique will help you become marketable no matter what type of voice your potential client is looking for. Making a demo CD or tape with short excerpts highlighting the different qualities of your voice will help you convince companies to use your voice.

An established voice over professional must own a cell phone and or other forms of communication. Because work pops up at all times, it is important to be reachable at all times. Thus, it is difficult to plan a week ahead of time. A slow week with one or two auditions can quickly turn into a "on the run" week of 10, as jobs come pouring in.

A few voice over professionals do have more predictable schedules. When they become established voices for cartoon characters and or spokes people for a particular news broadcast, documentary or company product they can plan ahead a bit more than the beginner trying to make their way into the field.

Working as a voice over professional may be difficult at first. Signing on with a voice over agency, making a great demo CD, contacting potential employers, and auditioning often will help you get your foot in the door and secure voice over jobs.

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