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Voice Over Talent

Learning how to use and sell your voice on T.V. and radio doesn't happen overnight. It takes practice, dedication, and good marketing to learn how to use your voice to become a profitable voice over performer. There are many different types of voice over work out there, thus making it imperative for a voice over voice to be versatile, working their voice.

Because of the variety of voice over jobs available, there is a demand for many different types of voices. When starting out in the profession, no voice is considered good or bad. Most people work on their voice to find their own style, bringing out and perfecting whatever unique qualities their voice is capable of.

Some people may think recording a voice sounds relatively easy. However, most voice performers spend hours perfecting texts, recording demos, and trying auditions even before being offered the voice over job. Talent, although a major factor when deciding to become a voice performer, is not all it takes to make it in this field.

Do not feel alone in this profession. There are numerous classes and books available to help you though the process of becoming a talented voice over performer. Working on using your voice in different ways will make you stand out in future auditions. If you are a true beginner, start working on one area of voice over work. Weather it be commercials or narratives, become comfortable and experienced in that particular field before moving on to another area.

The best way to advertise your voice is to create a professional CD sample of yourself. Make sure the quality of the CD is good as first impressions are important. Pick a variety of short texts that bring out the different qualities in your voice. Most potential clients work with tight deadlines. They want to hear the best of you in the least amount of time.

Many talented voice over professionals suggest finding an agent to help get you publicity. A voice over agency will post a recording of your voice on the Internet, thus making it practical for companies to select your voice for their work. You will need lots of help to get your name and voice heard. An agent can help find you connections to get you jobs.

Actively sell your talent to prospective clients looking for voice talent. Call them and send them your voice demo without waiting for them to knock on your door. When you do get the chance to audition, come prepared with more than one way to read scripts. Be flexible when reading a script during the audition. Voice performers that can listen and change the way they read a script on the spot shows great versatility and may help you land the job.

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