Voice Over Jobs

A wide variety of work for Voice Over professionals

Voice Over Jobs

One reason voice over professionals love their work is because of the variety of voice over jobs which are available. No two days of work are the same for the voice over professional. They may be recording commercials one day and doing educational videos the next.

Companies who hire voice over professionals are looking for captivating, interesting voices that will pull listeners interest in what they are saying. Depending on the kind of job available, companies will look for male, female, or youth and child voices. Sometimes they will look for a person with a particular accent or that speak a different language. These voices may be soft, cool, hip, intimate, wry, conversational, quirky, dramatic, edgy, or textured depending on which audience companies gear towards.

Voice over professionals are needed for jobs in all sectors of the media industry. Although much of the temporary jobs are done in recording studios located in California, many voice over professionals work for companies across the country.

An obvious voice over job is in radio. There are countless voice over professionals that talk to you during the day to bring you news, weather information as well as to try to sell you on certain products. Morning shows and talk shows also keep us informed, and captivate our attention by using different qualities of their voice as well as their individual personalities. These jobs are often not considered voice over jobs because they are not reading a script when they talk to us.

On-air promotions and commercials are jobs available in both the TV and radio industry. Voice overs are hired to sell something and must use their voice to interest audiences. Although TV is a visual form of media, we hear countless voice over professionals telling us what we will see next on TV, or what type of products are being sold at particular stores. News shows also use voice over talent. Most TV stations have a voice over department with voice over professionals ready to record at any moment.

Companies in business and education produce many videos either selling products or just to inform people. Seminars and conventions use training and informational videos and tapes that are recorded by voice over professionals.

Animation, CD-ROM, educational tapes, books on tape, and educational programs are other growing fields in the voice over profession. Recording TV programs, books and other media for the visually impaired is particularly in demand.

To start a voice over career, voice over professionals work at perfecting and marketing their voice in a particular sector of the field. Once they become established in an area like promotional videos, they may be able to successfully branch out in animation or books on tape.

Figure out which of the voice over work will best suit you. Concentrate on developing a voice that companies and or TV and radio stations are looking for to land that job.

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