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Being employed in the voice over profession can mean several things. You might work for yourself, with a voice over agency, or as a staff member of a voice over company, or for a TV or radio station.

Work might be constant, or you may have dry spells when you can't seem to land a job. A voice over professional works hard at preparing for auditions and marketing their abilities. Voice over talent agencies try to help voice professionals by giving them tools to make their job easier.

When getting into the profession, voice over professionals almost always suggest getting an agent. This helps with initial publicity by helping you get your voice heard. The more people that hear your voice, the greater the possibility is to find work.

Voice over agencies often offer classes open to the public. People interested in learning about the voice over profession can learn how to use their voice, what opportunities there are out there to work in the field, how to audition, and how to market themselves.

When you belong to a voice over agency they will advertise for you. They offer several services to facilitate business when clients. Most agency Internet sites list all of the voice over professionals that work for them. The sites might list all of the voice overs that are particularly good for commercials on one page and narratives on another. They also divide their employees by voice quality: Adult female, adult male, young adult or child. With a click of the mouse, demos of the different voice over professionals are available. Clients can browse their list of employees and choose the one that they want.

If the agency is part of a voice over recording studio, they might offer to get in touch with the voice over professional for the client. Contact information is provided if the agency does not record on site.

If a client doesn't know what kind of voice they want, some agencies will pick 6 voices that match a broad description of the job. They will record the voice over and send it back to the client with 6 different voice artists doing the same voice over. This way, clients can hear the different voices and pick the right one for the job.

Agencies want to make the voice over process as simple as possible. With hi-tech phone and video systems, clients no longer need to be present at the recording studio to make sure the voice over is what they want. After the voice over is recorded it is printed on CD or MP3 and sent by email or mail within a period of 48-72 hours. The time it takes to record, edit, and work with the sound effects will affect the delivery time.

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