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Because voice over professionals are heard and not seen, they become an integral part of our day without us taking much notice of them. We hear them as we listen to the radio or watch our favorite cartoon. Subconsciously we become familiar with their voices, and if they have done their job well, we listen to the message they are trying to get across, and enjoy their personality.

Throughout our day we may hear as many as 20 different voice over professionals. Voice overs are used in all parts of the media.

We often hear voice over work when we listen to radio, television, and movies. They play an important role giving us information. Voice overs are in the news, documentaries, books on tape, instructional CDs, CD ROMís, and other multi media presentations. In the educational field they provide services for people who do not know how to read, and people who are visually impaired. Voice overs are used in promotional videos, commercials, and loudspeaker announcements in stores.

With so many different types of voice over jobs, it is no wonder that voice over professionals tend to be multi talented. Their narratives keep us hanging on our seat waiting to hear more. Their commercials entice us to try new products and help us feel confident and satisfied with our choices. Their cartoons make us laugh, and fall in love with adorable or eccentric characters.

However, becoming a good voice over is quite a bit of work. To help train people into the field, a voice over agency will publicize classes that teach people how to use their voice. Unlike acting, voice overs must learn how to grab peopleís attention by their voice alone. By listening to other voice over professionals students practice texts in many different ways and develop their own style.

Most voice over professionals begin by auditioning for a wide variety of jobs. They may be better at narratives than cartoons or commercials. However, getting their voice heard is very important. Using their demo (short excerpts of several types of readings that bring out the voice over professionalís strengths) as their business card can increase their chance of getting hired.

Voice over talent agencies also work hard at making things easier for voice over professionals. They offer services that helpís potential clients find the voice they want by putting out descriptions of voices and free demos available on line.

Talent agencies sometimes have recording studios on site. Recording, editing, and shipping can be done as fast as 72 hours. Many agencies sent the product in MP3 format thus getting immediate feedback from their clients before finishing the product.

Celebrities as well as new comers sign on with voice over talent agencies. Their fees will depend on how much experience the voice over professional has as well as how much time it takes to do the recording, editing and producing. Many voice over agencies offer package deals to cut down on costs.

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