Voice Mail Systems

Wealth of options for Personal & Business Customers

Voice Mail Systems

In comparison to the much earlier, basic answering machines often having to be directly connected your telephone line the vast array of voice mail systems available to today's customer offer a wealth of options to suit even the most demanding of situations.

Personal & Business Customers

For personal customers there are many voice mail systems specifically designed to be of used in conjunction with your home PC, giving you not only access to your messages online as well as the usual method but also preventing the loss of any important calls whilst working. For business use there are many different telecommunication companies offering more complex systems often including features such as auto-attending or listen only features.

Whilst almost every cell phone company provide there own custom made voice mail services, you may require a more up to date voice mail service for your home phone. It may probably be worth your while exploring any system offered by your existing telecom provider, as this may well prove convenient in terms of system compatibility and ease of installation. Otherwise a PC compatible system may well be able offer the service you are looking for and is well worth researching well before buying.

Factors to consider

When considering purchasing any kind of voice mail system, but especially for business use, there are several important factors to take into consideration. Probably the most important problem that needs addressing at the outset is the integration between phone and voice mail systems and it is imperative that your systems maintain a high level of interactivity in order to give the most efficient service to staff and customers alike.

When buying voice mail systems for office use, there are three basic or standard features that should at least be present before considering any purchase. The first is an indicator that you have messages waiting, usually in the form of a light on the phone itself. The second is the systems capability to forward the caller to the correct voice mail box for delivery of the message thus removing the need for the caller to remember any extra extension or mail box number. A feature called 'return to operator', allowing the caller to depart from the voice mail system itself and talk to the operator at any time is the third facet that you should require in any integrated system.

As with home set-ups it may be wise to consider same brand systems for a number of reasons. Relatively easy to install since they only require compatibility with a small number of other systems they also give more ease in identifying problems when they occur as they are produced by the same manufacturer. Then again systems produced by third parties also have their advantages, sometimes offering more advanced systems often at more competitive prices and don't restrict you in choosing future systems.

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