Voice Mail Services

Finding a service to suit your needs

Voice Mail Services

As voice mail and associated systems and paraphernalia is increasingly at the forefront of the advances in telecommunication technologies so the services created to run and cater for this are moving in similar directions.

Nowadays it is possible to find a service tailored to suit anyone's needs whether it is required to make your home voice mail setup more advanced or you require a complex multi-faceted service to help with the efficient running of your business' staff and consumer telecommunication systems.


There are numerous companies in the market today that offer a variety of voice mail services. Voicenation are an excellent example of a nationwide provider of a whole manner of different services including local voice mail and other related services for communities all over the USA. Their business voice mail service will answer every call around the clock ensuring permanently accessible lines of communication. They offer a 'Unified Messaging' service allowing the customer to store all communications in one universal inbox boosting efficiency by eradicating the hassle of using different interfaces and applications to access messages, faxes and emails.

Voicenation's Virtual PBX system provides the customer with an all round communication service encompassing all the customers needs including phone numbers, account reports, voice mail, incoming lines, fax and even auto-attendant functions. They also offer an excellent live answering service allowing your business to provide actual staff to answer calls. This is made surprisingly affordable because you don't have to pay for office space, benefits and you only pay when the customer calls and not otherwise.

American Voice Mail

Another of the most popular and leading providers of voice mail services is American Voice mail who can provide your business with the perfect voice mail systems to suit your needs. Over the years they have developed some of the most advanced and state of the art voice mail systems in the world. They operate from 83 carefully selected offices throughout the United States to provide their customers, who are present in over 4000 communities with the best service possible.

Their vast array of services includes different scales of services ranging from a single voice mail box to a whole nationwide network. They also offer different levels of complexity from 'simple' voice mail to total call management with features like auto-attendant, unified messaging, Virtual PBX and Internet messaging. Also incorporated are more standard features like e-mail delivery of voice mails and faxes with individual fax numbers for each staff member allowing faxes to be sent quickly and efficiently to the correct place in order to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Another great advantage with companies like these is that they are likely to operate locally so you won't have to get involved with any long distance call charges or 800 numbers.

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