Voice Mail Greetings

Personal or business, the possibilities are endless

Voice Mail Greetings

Many people nowadays require more than just the basic 'please leave your message after the tone' to greet there friends and colleagues when transferred to their voice mail systems.

This is shown in the popularity of what is now a standard feature in many cell phone service providers, giving the cell phone user an opportunity to record his or her own personal message, whether it be humorous, personal or pertaining to any specific needs the possibilities are endless.

Advice on recording a personal message

There are perhaps a couple of pieces of advice that may be valuable when recording your own personal message. Keep the message short and succinct, possibly even writing down a trial run and/or taking advantage of the option to rerecord if available to make sure that the greeting includes all information required, without any 'um's' and 'ah's', both clearly and at a suitable speed. If using your cell phone greeting as a link for your small business then avoid any kind of humorous greeting if possible, it has been known for business to be lost in this way!

In this increasingly popular feature companies have found a market for the production and retailing of professionally made voice mail greetings to give your cell phone an entertaining or professional slant. These come in various different guises with most costing no more than a few dollars and a few costing nothing at all. Many companies sell a huge variety of greetings ranging from standard greetings of the polite variety to the more darkly humorous designed to shock!

Why not surprise your friends and colleagues with a celebrity voice mail greeting! There are companies that offer celebrity voice mail greetings from stars such as Elvis, Bon Jovi, The Simpsons and innumerable other celebrities to wind up your friends.

Custom made voice mail greetings

There is also the option of hiring a professional outfit to custom make your own unique voice mail greeting. Incorporating a whole manner of different features including sound effects, music, any specific details required and a choice from a vast array of voices (including your own) you can have the ideal message created quickly to suit all your needs.

If it is your business that requires a greeting or a set of different greetings for the voice mail services however big or small, then there are numerous companies that can help develop the most efficient and customer friendly system to suit your needs. Larry O'Brien's hotvoiceover.com is an excellent example providing top quality voiceovers for a whole range of different uses including business voice mail greeting in the form of auto-attendant, on-hold narration and voice prompts to give your business an exceedingly professional sounding voice mail service. Rates are obviously specific to each greeting production company so some research will probably be required.

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