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Voice Mail Box

In today's society most of us are familiar with the voice mail box. When using any kind of voice mail system whether it be on your cell phone, your home phone or multi-faceted business account the voice mail box is the part of the service that stores and compiles your messages.

On a standard cell phone you will normally only have one voice mail box but in the far more complex voice mail services used by many of today's leading business's there can be an astonishing amount of different voice mail boxes that ensure that your message ends up in the right department or office.

Besides the usual utilization of a voice mail box for either personal or business purposes, whether large or small, there is an increasing demand in the area of higher education with many colleges and universities providing a voice mail service either for free or for a very small price. This can usually either be in the form of voice mail boxes for personal use by the students or for the students to leave message for instructors. These boxes as expected usually operate using a specific telephone number to access their voice mail box although some include the added privacy of a password.

Varying in price these services offer a divers service ranging from a basic voice mail package that includes features besides the basic 'answer machine' function. These include personal passwords, message receipt confirmation and the ability to send voice mails to other users. Slightly more expensive services include the options to receive faxes and create and maintain group distribution lists amongst others. This is also the case with most voice mail boxes whatever part they play in the customers life.

A voice mail box forms an intrinsic part of any telecommunications service. Every service and system on the market will include the most up to date voice mail box with a whole manner of features aimed to make the customers life easier.

Many voice mail setups come with what is described as a voice mail manager. This application allows the customer to directly manage any voice mail account they may have. These managers provide the user with the opportunity to utilize a variety of different options. The user can choose not only to directly manage boxes but also to create new ones and remove any boxes that are no longer required. It allows you to play, delete and record any messages left in particular voice mail inboxes and to do the same to any of the greetings you may want to attach. The editing functions generally available are also extremely useful. The standard voice mail manager allows the user to edit the forwarding e-mail and phone numbers as well as enabling the customer to edit any pager numbers used and the voice mail message distribution lists.

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