Toll Free Voice Mail

Increasing call volumes whilst saving your clients money

Toll Free Voice Mail

There are many advantages to using locally based service providers such as good service and potentially lower charges, many clients seeking voice mail systems and voice mail services for their business's. However, they often find that toll free voice mail services are more advantageous.

Toll Free Numbers

You can always recognize toll free numbers by the numbers prefix, usually 800 or 888. There are many advantages to be gained from choosing a toll free number for your business. You receive a lot of the benefits that larger corporations gain without the often-substantial overheads.

It has been proven in many circumstances that business' that utilize a toll free numbers for both the functions of advertising and customer service receive a higher level of response than otherwise. It seems that customers are more likely to call a toll free number than any other type. This perhaps implies that a toll free number conveys an impression that your business is a respectable and reputable firm therefore increasing the likeliness of the customer calling, therefore higher profits. Also the use of very memorable 'vanity' numbers (numbers that you can 'spell' on your phone keypad, for example a mortgage provider may want to use 800-MRTGAGE i.e. 800-6784243 therefore making it easy for the customer to remember) this increases recognition and gives your business a lead over other business's.

Another useful advantage in using toll free numbers for your business' voice mail system is the fact that it doesn't cost the customer anything to call from any where in the United States. This gives you a 'local' presence all over the countryside, creating the image of a company that is respectable and is concerned that its customers receive only the highest level of communication and customer service.

There are many different types of toll free voice mail services to choose from offering varying degrees of complexity and features. Call forwarding systems make sure calls are transferred to the right place efficiently using usually up to 5 different numbers and include statistics and tracking systems. Virtual office and Virtual PBX systems direct callers to your business's call center and further directs calls to selected 3-digit extension numbers, voice mail greetings, fax machines and much more besides.

As you can imagine there are numerous companies in the market willing to provide you with the service you require. Among the most popular today are the services provided by companies who can be contacted at the following websites;, gotvmail, ureach and Kall8. These offer an excellent service with many excellent features such as extensive customer control, caller ID and account tracking all at an affordable price. 800Voice Mail Store is an excellent site offering links, advice and a large resource of information concerning all things voice mail.

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