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An essential part of everyday life

Free Voice Mail

In recent years voice mail has become an ever more essential part of everyday life for millions of people and business’ worldwide.

It has been the case in the past for many telecommunication companies to provide a large variety of free voice mail services, but unfortunately they are not as common in today’s market as many have either gone out of business or decided to start charging for their voice mail services. Despite this it is still possible to find companies that provide a decent standard of free voice mail service.

As with any telecommunications systems the service provided by different companies will vary significantly. It may be well worth your while searching for a more local provider that offer free local and toll-free numbers as some companies may provide you with a number that is not contained within your area code, which often means that some long-distance charges may apply. Also there is often a need for an internet answering machine which some telecommunication companies also may provide, removing the annoyance of missing calls whilst online, not interfering with your existing systems, without the added expense of installing two phone lines.

Voice Mail Box

One other important variation you may discover between companies and the service they provide is the specific method of retrieving any messages stored in your voice mail box. Many companies use systems that allow the customer to access their messages over the phone using either a specific telephone number or an access code of sorts. There is often also the option of retrieving your messages through accessing the internet which many people find very convenient.

Free Voice Mail Providers

There are a number of free voice mail companies operating in the telecommunication market today all having their inherent special features and limitations. BuzMe is a company that offer the customer an excellent basic home phone free voice mail service with the further option of upgrading to their excellent Enhanced Internet Call Waiting and Voice mail for a very reasonable $5.95 a month. The basic free service boasts many excellent features. If online and a call is received a window will pop up on your screen giving the customer the option to either disconnect and receive the call in question, send a message or divert the caller to voice mail. If offline the caller will be transferred to voice mail within 4 to 5 rings with the messages being retrieved either online or via your phone.

Efax and Free Fax Plus are two further companies providing excellent free voice mail services. Both companies give the user free personal numbers, these are both worth checking for locality as some customers may find long-distance charges applying due to the area code problem mentioned earlier. You can retrieve to your messages using the phone or web and Efax offer the option of transferring your messages from your Efax account to other email accounts.

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