Voice Mail

Making answering machines a thing of the past

Voice Mail

Originally conceived by a Gordon Matthews in the late seventies as a means of receiving, managing and storing voice messages in a digital format, voice mail has taken dramatic steps forward since the earlier days of answering machines.

During the first days following the ideas conception and production it was largely restricted to use by large corporations due to prohibitively high costs. In the next decade things were to change allowing smaller business' to take advantage of this state of the art communication technology.

This next period of development introduced voice mail systems that were compatible with industry standard personal computers opening the field for almost every telecommunication company to develop their own systems in competition with each other. One of the earliest companies to explore the possibilities of developing voice processing hardware for this use was the Dialogic Communications Corporation whose PC based equipment allowed software developers to create products that were compatible with everyday computers. This revolutionary breakthrough went on to drastically reduce the costs involved thus leading on to a huge growth in the use of voice mail and associated systems. Nowadays it is possible to use voice mail in almost any situation whether it be for business or for the home.

It is more than likely that almost every one of us comes across voice mail in some shape or form almost daily. Almost every cell phone on earth comes with some kind of voice mail service as standard that includes many the basic listen/record/save/delete features that come with any voice mail service.

It is now possible to create an excellent and business like voice mail system in your own home. Some voice mail services are even free although this is becoming less common. Many companies offer packages that are run from your personal computer or form a local office that work in conjunction with your personal computer and fax as well as the phone line, perfect for an active social life and business alike.

When it comes to purchasing and installing a voice mail system for the larger business then the list of options becomes even larger. Voice mail systems have become an integral of any serious business for many reasons. In comparison to any other method of communication available voice recording processes allow longer and more complex messages to be efficiently delivered. The mere fact that it is possible to relay this information 'one way' is extremely useful considering that approximately fifty percent of all calls only require this. Within the infrastructure of any business communication is of the utmost importance if the company is to keep itself efficient, competitive and most vital of all, customers.

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