Touch Screen Software

An affordable alternative to a buying a LCD Touch Screen

Touch Screen Software

Many regular PC monitors can be upgraded with touch screen software to incorporate a touch screen facility which allows the computer monitor to function as a touch activated screen. This is an affordable alternative to purchasing an LCD touch screen or CRT touch screen monitor or integrated touch screen computer since it allows you to adapt the system that you already have simply by installing the software.

Software Providers

There are several providers of the appropriate software include MagicTouch, 3M and Elo. Touch screen add-ons combined with software driver mouse emulation allow you to have the benefits of touch screen technology at a fraction of the cost. They are particularly ideal for use with notebooks and laptop computers. A MagicTouch? touch screen add-on for a 12-14 inch laptop costs $159.00 from www.touch and combined with the software, allows you to perform regular mouse functions such as left-click, double-click, drag and drop and right click.

Although MagicTouch? allows you to perform all of the normal mouse functions, some touch screen add-ons do not enable this. Therefore, additional software is necessary to create these functions. The Right Touch? is a software program that places a button on your desktop that allows you to switch the touch screen functions between right and left click as necessary. When the screen is in 'left click' mode then it simply takes a touch of the Right Touch button to change to the right click mode and then back again. This software is available from for $25.00.

Another software program available for use with touch screen computers and touch screen monitors is a program called No Keys. This software displays an on-screen virtual keyboard where users can type directly onto the touch screen. This software program allows the keyboard to be done away with entirely and all operation of the computer to take place via the touch screen. The latest version, 5.0, has four built-in keyboards (including the regular QWERTY keyboard configuration). It also allows the user to create custom keyboard configurations as necessary, putting the keys wherever desired on the screen and in whichever order. This latest version of the software also incorporates a hover option. It costs $30 to download this software from

In addition to these general programs there are many target-specific programs geared towards areas where touch screen computers and monitors are used as standard. These include programs for sales kiosks, restaurant input computers, medical usage and use in the hospitality industry. For example, a program called NEXTPOS Restaurant Touch screen Software? is advertised as an ideal touch screen compatible program for use in any aspect of the restaurant industry. It costs $815 from and there is an option to remove the customer tracking feature, making the software program cost $445.

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