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Touch Screen Phone

Touch screen technology is not only restricted to larger scale technology such as touch screen computers and touch screen monitors but it has now been developed to be functionable on regular phones, cell phones and personal organizers as well. However, the touch screen technology is still restricted by size to a certain extent and so, as a result, this feature is generally found on larger displays, in phones with integrated PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) features.

The touch screen is activated in the same way as a touch screen computer, ie by a finger or special stylus and similarly, the touch screen responds to a tapping on a specific point on the phone's display. This action stimulates the virtual 'button' located at that point on the display. In some cases the technology can also allow human handwriting, written onto the screen with the stylus, to be recognized, resulting in the ability to input larger quantities of information.

Touch Screen Technology

Cellphones with touch screen technology are also available, but the size restriction necessitated by it means that they tend to bulkier than is generally desired for a cell phone. No doubt development will continue the integration of all of the different technological inputs from cell phones, pagers and touch screen computers etc. and in the near future we can expect to see an effective and affordable touch screen cell phone in the hands of the masses.

However, Hewlett Packard already offer a touch screen cell phone, the HP IPAQ H6315, for the price of $549.99. For your money you get 75 MB of user available memory which includes up to 20 MB of iPAQ File Store, a touch screen display, speaker and options for GSM/GPRS, WLAN 802.11b, Bluetooth 1.1 and IrDA. It comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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