Touch Screen Monitors

Choosing the right monitor for your business needs

Touch Screen Monitors

Touch screen monitors are an ideal choice for point-of-sale, hospitality and retail use and there are a vast number of monitors available to choose from. Many are designed to meet specific needs or are more suited to one environment than another and this can be taken as a starting point when choosing the ideal monitor to suit your purpose.

A touch screen computer or monitor are both widely used in industrial, medical, entertainment and educational environments and so choosing a purpose-specific touch screen monitor is a sure-fire way of making sure that you get what you need from your computer. Because of the design specificity of certain touch monitors, most online manufacturers provide a database of information where they recommend certain monitors for specific environments.

Touch screen monitors have been successfully developed over the last few decades to reach a point where they now can be bought as an integrated system, ie. a complete touch hardware package available from one supplier, rather than as three separate components (touch screen kit, monitor and integration service). Elo Entuitive touch screen monitors have been specifically designed with touch in mind (many computer monitors are not designed for this, even if it is their primary use) which allows them to be ready to use as soon as they come out of the box. The Elo Entuitive touch screen monitors designed for kiosk and industrial applications have a fixed outside dimension which makes them easier to plan for when creating a work environment for them. The Elo Entuitive touchmonitors come complete with a CD which contains drivers for all the popular operating systems as well s technical manuals and diagnostic software. See for details.

LCD Touch Screen Monitors

3M Touch Systems LCD touch screen monitors are the result of years of development to create the ultimate system and as a result, they boast many sophisticated features. They are designed to be energy efficient and economical as well as compact and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the 3M's MicroTouch ClearTek? technology provides a durable yet versatile solution to industrial computing by combining accuracy and sensitivity to touch with an effective resistance to dirt, liquid and harsh chemicals. The sensitivity aspect of this highly advanced technology allows the monitor to be activated not only by human finger touch but by stylus touch, fingernail, credit card, and even gloved hand. This technology is available with the 3M MicroTouch M170 touch monitor as an option instead of Micro Touch 5-wire resistive technology. See for further information and product details. offers the possibility of creating a touch screen monitor for domestic use. The Magic Touch screen technology is integrated into high quality monitors and as a result the monitor is a complete touch solution but one that also allows the monitor, touch screen and controller to be serviced separately. The Magic Touch monitor can be activated by finger, fingernail, gloved hand and stylus and can be used to run any mouse-driven application.

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