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Touch Screen Computer

A touch screen computer is vital for many aspects of modern life but the most popular uses of this technology are in the food industry, sales, education and medicine. Touch screen computers provide a quick, no-nonsense service and since there is no mouse required they are ideal for use in these speedy, hands-on industries.

With the development of the market for these computers, there are now several models of touch-screen computers each with generic features but also with specific advantages for individual purpose.

Range of Touch Screen Computers

For example, the MM6000 is a stand-alone computer system that is particularly resistant to the assaults made by the food industry, such as food, grease and soda. This computer system is also known as the 'Wedge' and is marketed as a compact, durable, all-in-one touch screen computer. It also has other features that make it a wise choice for use in the food service industry such as the choice to eliminate the internal fan by employing an optional electrical design platform.

IndustraTouch Series is also a stand-alone touch screen computer system and is marketed as ideal for use in areas that create high volume computer applications. This targets general industry, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and aerospace, amongst others. It is made internally from heavy-duty steel and externally from fireproof plastic and is therefore ideal for use in these harsh environments. The IndustraTouch Series offers up to 3.06 GHz processing speed using the IntelŪPentiumT 4 and features a 150 watt ATX power supply.

For use in the hospitality industry, the POS Touch PC is and ideal choice since it combines a sophisticated appearance with the durability and reliability necessary for a computer in this environment. It boasts a high quality order-entry system making it suitable for hospitality with a fast turnover of information input, such as hotels, fast food outlets and fine restaurants. Since it is mainly designed for use in these situations, it is correspondingly resistant to food, grease and liquid.

For a touch screen computer more suited for use in in an industrial environment, the Open Touch Series is an ideal choice. It offers up to 3.06 GHz processing speed and it is specifically made to withstand a harsh environment and high volume usage. It is built from heavy duty steel and and is designed to be as versatile as necessary with it being built to order by the manufacturers. The Open Touch system is also available as the V-Touch with a detachable display module which allows the touch screen to be mounted as desired. offers all of these models and they primarily sell to value-added resellers (VARs) and Systems Integrators (Sis). sells a program direct to the individual consumer that will convert a regular PC monitor into a touch screen computer. (Suitable for use only with certain computers-see the website for further details).

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