LCD Touch Screen

A guide to types of LCD Touch Screen displays

LCD Touch Screen

LCD's or Liquid Crystal Displays are widely used in everyday life, such as laptop computer displays, calculator screens, digital watches and microwave displays. They work on the main principle that liquid crystals are affected by electric current. The particular type of liquid crystal used in LCD's is known as twisted nemantics or TN and is naturally twisted.

When an electric current is applied to these crystals, they untwist to varying degrees depending on the voltage of the current, which in turn affects the way that light travels through the crystals. Because these liquid crystals react predictably to electric current they can be used in such a way as to control the light passage.

For use in technology LCD's are ideal because they are generally more energy efficient than other display technologies. They are lighter and thinner and draw less power than cathode ray tubes (CRTs) for example, another popular technological display medium and therefore offer some real advantages over the other methods. offer a variety of LCD touch screen possibilities including Touch Screen LCD kits as well as individual LCD touch screen panels. The kits comprise an LCD screen and LCD controller with a power inverter, cables, drivers and an optional touch screen or a touch screen as standard.

LCD touch screens are also used in car PCs and GPS receivers and Lilliput at offer a portable LCD touch screen for these purposes. It is available from this website in a 8" diameter model from this website, costing $325.00. It comes with built-in speakers, multi video system and remote control amongst other features and comes with an AC adaptor and an installation CD (with driver and touch creen software).

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