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Touch Screen

Touch screen monitors and computers are widely becoming one of the most versatile technologies, making them indispensable and an integral part of our everyday life. When we go to a restaurant, a touch screen monitor will be used to receive information about our order and payment as well as updating stock records and customer tracking.

Similarly, when we go to the supermarket, a touch screen computer system is used by the cashier to scan our items and calculate payment, as well as register business details on a larger scale. Even if we get admitted to hospital, we are bound to have our details entered into a touch screen computer and doctors and surgeons use the systems for the more complex aspects of their work too.

The next few pages will give you both a general and specific idea of what touch screen computers are and how the technology can be adapted and transferred as necessary. A page on touch screen monitors will provide information regarding when and where they are used and how best to choose one for a specific purpose or responsibility. There will be differentiation made between integrated touch screen monitors and separate component systems and an idea will be given of the different companies that manufacture and retail these systems.

LCD Touch Screen

Information on LCD touch screen monitors will give a general idea as to how the technology works and why it is used as it is whilst also giving examples of companies that manufacture LCD touch screen monitors and computers. A sample of relevant prices will provide a starting point from which to investigate your own price comparisons to make sure that you make the wisest consumer choice that you can. These pages will also contain information on one of the latest technological developments to be incorporated into cell phones-the touch screen-and will give you a launch pad for investigating this technological process more closely.

Touch Screen Software

Further information contained in these pages relates to touch screen computer technology and the various options involved as well as additional touch screen software programs that can be installed to create a touch screen facility on a regular PC or software that can be installed to enhance your touch screen computer, such as the Right Touch? or NoKeys? programs.

Companies and manufacturers that are used or mentioned in the following pages are referred to only by way of example and should not be taken as an explicit authorization of products and/or services. We recommend that you use these pages as an information guideline only and take it as a starting point for your own investigations into touch screen computers and related items.

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