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Time Clock Software

Every business owner knows that when it comes to running, managing, and overseeing their business concerns, time is indeed money. That is why it is important for business owners to save time, and reduce their work load whenever possible. Managing and tallying employee hours, pay scales, and timeliness based on archaic manual punch-card time clocks are one such area where precious hours are easily lost. But the instillation of a high-tech, electronic swipe-card, or biometric time clocks is often too expensive a prospect. There is, however, an affordable solution which can still help the business owner/manager save countless man hours - that solution is called time clock software.

Much of the time clock software on the market today is designed to be easily installable on, and run from any PC capable of handling Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. Such programs are designed to be simple for employee supervisors to use, speeding him/her through the time card editing process with only minimal training required. Built-in controls such as password restrictions and electronic sign-offs allow for individualized employee access - giving the precise level of clearance necessary to each employee. These controls can make important information either "off-limits", "view only", or "edit permissible", and can safely control whether an employee is allowed to delete, add, or merely change time-clock information. With electronic time clock software employers can even keep records of which supervisors authorized any changes or edits to the system.

Time clock software is ideal for both salaried and hourly wages, and can instantly calculate an employee's payable hours. Usually, such software systems are capable of tracking and monitoring literally thousands of employees. Supervisors can let the software do the dirty work, such as figuring complicated employee schedules based on any number of variables.

Simple one-click clock in and out is yet another handy feature many of these programs offer, requiring little employee training. Many time clock software programs even allow supervisors to make notes about individual employees, concerning availability, discussions with the employee, or any such information. These notes can easily follow an employee as they move up through the company. Time clock software can greatly reduce the seemingly endless monotony of paperwork that managers face daily. If desired, they can even make the whole process of figuring employee hours entirely paper free.

There are many good time clock software programs on the market today, some of which are as follows: TimeTrak®, PunchClock, WorkForce, and MyBizTM Time Clock. All of these and many more can be found online, and most are available for immediate download. Prices can vary greatly from free to $500+ depending on a variety of factors, such as brand name, number of workstations and/or employees.

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