Time Clock Ribbon

Finding the right Time Clock Ribbon

Time Clock Ribbon

To match the vast number of time clocks available on the market there are also a corresponding number of ribbons. If you are unsure where to begin your search for you time clock ribbon, then www.peninsulatime.com is a good place to start. Not only can you browse their website and look for a picture of your time clock and then associate it with the ribbon needed for it but if you cannot identify your time clock ribbon, then they will do the job for you.

Simply contact one of their specialists with details of the ribbon or machine that you already have and they will identify the ribbon that you need form the information you provide.

Time Clock Ribbon Online

On the website, machines are listed by manufacturer and this is the most efficient way of identifying the type of ribbon that you need. For instance, if it is a Simplex machine that you own, then scrolling through the category of photographs and identifying your specific Simplex model, you can then choose the appropriate ribbon accordingly. Other categories on the Peninsula Time website include Amano, Cincinatti, Lathem, Acroprint, Rapidprint and Widmer. Currently www.peninsulatime.com is offering a 'buy three, get one free' offer on all their time clock ribbons and most makes are available in several different colors such as red, black, blue and even purple.

How much will the ribbon cost?

Prices for replacement time clock ribbons vary and there is normally some kind of financial benefit for buying in bulk. For example, at www.alliedtime.com a double pack of black replacement ribbons for a standard Amano model time clock costs $27.00 whereas, a 12-pack of the same costs $108.00 making each ribbon cost $9.00, a saving of $4.50 per ribbon. For various models the prices are higher but a similar kind of saving can be made on bulk buying. Other companies to offer this service via the internet are, amongst others, www.pbsoffice.com and www.heasterlawson.com. The latter also has a sale on many of the time clock ribbons it has in stock and as a result may prove to be a better place to look for individual ribbons or ribbons that are not as common.

Another option is to buy direct from the manufacturer if you know the make and model of your time clock. This may make finding the exact time clock ribbon a little easier and may especially useful if you have any problems specific to that particular maker. www.amano.com is the company website for Amano time clocks and therefore would be a good place to track down a particular Amano ribbon. Likewise, www.lathem.com would no doubt provide the exhaustive range of Lathem time clock ribbons and allow you to conduct a more focused search for the product you require.

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